About oak + crown:

Hello! oak + crown is my blog devoted to all things sparkly. I’m particularly fond of antique jewelry, auction houses, and emeralds, and the topics on this blog will often reflect that.


I grew up in the jewelry industry. My father was a jeweler, so was my grandmother and great-grandmother. In fact, I’m the sixth generation of my family to earn a living through the creation of tiny, pretty things.

Eliza now

Eliza now

I had an unusual childhood. Not only because I was the only kid at my private school who lived on a farm, but because I spent my vacations going to trade meetings and conferences. When other kids would be at the beach or the pool, I would be in Puerto Rico, Phoenix or Layfayette, LA, watching a master diamond cutter at work, or trying to lift a gold brick. For my thirteenth birthday, my father took me with him to to JCK Las Vegas. The whole week was a blur of diamonds, blazing heat, and stripper cards. Vegas promoters have zero shame.


Nowadays I work for an antique jewelry store, marrying my passion for pretty with my love of history. I’m in heaven.

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